Make This Cute Pizza Man Figure

Make this cute pizza man as a free-standing figure or cake topper!  Step-by-step instructions at Manualidades.   If you need to translate the webpage try Google Translate.

This could be called an 'advanced' project because the instructions assume reader already knows how to shape some parts of figure. Example: Instructions for head simply say to: "Separate the forehead, nose and open mouth" and to "prepare your ears and apply them." with this image as example.

So, if you need help with that first step, please refer to various tutorials on this blog for modeling a doll head.   There's a good one here:  Create a Dolls Head Step-by-Step.

Materials needed for this pizza-man project are cold porcelain, white glue, Styroform balls (1 each for body and head), basic modeling tools, acrylic paints for pizza sauce & cheese, oregano to decorate pizza,  food coloring (paste type) for tinting CP and tinting powders for blush, etc.   It also calls for "eye stickers" ..but if you can't find them, just paint the eyes with acrylics!  ;-)   A tutorial on How to Paint Eyes can be found on this blog.

(Note:  The computer translates "Líquido blanqueador" to "liquid bleach", but there's no bleach used in this project. I don't know what "Líquido blanqueador" is referring to because it's listed only in the materials and not mentioned in the step-by-step instructions.  It could be referring to a translucent white liquid used to imitate the pizza cheese.)


  1. I just found this site. These posts are awesome. I'm new to PC and was wondering how long pieces like the pizza man would take to completely dry. And when completely dry, can it bend? My projects are simple 1/4" thick, been out for a week and they can bend. Also, being that it's cornstarch, will bugs eat the projects? I live in Hawaii and the bugs ate my cornstarch/baking soda ornaments.

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