Step-by-Step: How to Paint Eyes

This is a companion tutorial to yesterday's video series showing how to create a Jester Clown with cold porcelain.   In today's video, Marisol Romero shows us how to paint eyes (using acrylics).    The clown's eyes are shown in the demonstration, but, of course, this could be eyes for any cute clay figure!  She makes it look very easy!  ;-)


  1. Hey i tried this clown and for a starter like me it came out good but not perfect.....

    But your videos helps us to try out those since all the details are well explained ... thanks a lot.

    Sure will try other models also....

    please do follow my blog and post your valuable comments...

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  2. sus trabajos son preciosos muchas felicitaciones!!!
    yo estoy empezando a trabajar con porcelanafria le dejo mi blog para q me de su opinion ya me anote como su segudora.


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