Make these cute elves for Christmas or anytime

Make one elf or 100 elves as Christmas favors!   This clay tutorial for creating these expressive elves has been translated to English based on step-by-step instructions written by Sandra Gomez and originally posted as 'Duendes Magicos' at Manualidades y Artesanias |

Materials used include:
Cold porcelain 
Acrylic paint, red, flesh, green, blue, black and white 
White glue
Styrofoam balls No. 3 and 4

Pre-tint** enough clay with the acrylic paints to make:
Red body, shoes and hat,
flesh-colored head and hands, and 
a small amount for green stripes and buttons.

Begin with making the elf shoes......


Make this Cute Puppy

This video demo from sugarcraft artist Aine shows us how to make a cute little puppy.

This particular demo is using gumpaste to create figure, but the process is exactly the same for cold porcelain or air-dry clay.   Just use regular glue where she calls for edible glue.

Part 1... body

Part 2... head


Make Some Cute Angels

Cute and easy angels to make!   These video demos are using gumpaste and fondant, but the process is exactly the same for cold porcelain and other air-dry clays ....just use regular glue instead of "edible" glue!

Sorry, embedding of videos was not permitted, so you'll have to jump to these pages to view all 3 parts of demo. (links open in new window)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Creator of demo says she forgot to show how to make wings.   Just make a wing shape you like it your own way.   Note, however, that she laid her wings on something curved to dry (see in background of Part 2).   Doing that will give a nice shape to your wings!


A cute Mrs Santa Claus-step by step

Cold porcelain video slideshow from Eliane Sol demonstrating each step in creating a Mrs Claus figure and box topper.  Many details are shown for shaping and painting the cute face.

Make a Cute Little Lamb

Excellent 2-part video demo from Marisol Romero, showing us, step-by step, how to make a cute lamb with cold porcelain.   Marisol is speaking Spanish in the videos but, even if you don't understand what she is saying, you should be able to follow along easily.  Every step is clearly shown.  

You'll note that she lets some parts of the figure dry separately.  This makes them easier to handle when assembling figure.   Prevents squishing the uncured clay parts!!    White glue is used where needed to attach new clay to cured clay and in other places where there may be a weak join.

Note:     An additional video-demo showing how to paint eyes was posted here.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


Make a Cute Snowman

Marisol Romero shows us, step by step,  how to make this cute cold porcelain snowman in the following 2 videos.   Dialog is in Spanish, but even if you don't understand the language you should be able to follow along.  Marisol clearly and carefully shows each step.

Part 1.... The Snowman

Part 2.... The Top Hat


Make a Cute Sitting Santa

The following 2 videos demonstrate the creation of a sitting Santa using gumpaste (sugarpaste), but we'll try it using cold porcelain clay!   Most gumpaste and cold porcelain tutorials are interchangeable because the same steps are followed to create the figures and cake toppers.   Cold porcelain is often used as a non-editable cake topper. There's a couple of benefits for using CP...glue can be used in the creation and the figure is more durable.

Part 1...Note that she sets the arms aside to dry a while before attaching.  This is a good thing to remember when handling parts that might get squished in assembly!

Part 2