Flower Covered Jar

Select a short glass jar to decorate with cold porcelain following steps in this flower basket tutorial  from Porcelana Fria magazine. This is a good beginners tutorial.  Not many tools needed.  Just shape the flowers and leaves using teardrop-shaped pieces of CP.  When covering the bottom of jar, be careful not to cover the part where you screw the lid (so jar will still function)!


  1. How do you cover the jars and lids without the CP shrinking and spliting? I really love the work you do and I have just started to experiment with CP.

    1. Well, it does shrink some, that's for sure, but people cover jar lids all the time with it. I guess if it's thick enough when you put it on it should be OK. I've never used CP that way...sorry, I'm not better help.


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