Make an Easy 5-Petal Flower Without Cutters

Another easy flower to make from cold porcelain. Similar to previous tutorial but no shape cutter needed for this filler flower. This tutorial from Pakistan.


How to Make a Ruffled-Petal CP Flower

Video demo from Russia....how to make cold porcelain flowers using shape cutters.  I don't know what kind of flower this is, but it has ruffled-edge double petals and looks like it'd be harder to make than it actually is!


How to Make This Cute Cow

Step by step video demo (2-part video) from Marisol Romero showing us how to make a pudgy dairy cow using cold porcelain.  Verbal explanation is in Spanish, but Marisol does such a good job showing each step, that you should be able to easily follow along if you don't understand Spanish.

Demo, part 1 of 2

Demo, part 2 of 2


Quick and Easy Flower Magnets

Are you a beginner and need a simple project to get you started with cold porcelain? 
Or maybe you need to make a quick gift!  
Or maybe you're just a lover of fridge magnets!   ;-)  
I came across this easy magnet tutorial from French artist Brigida Clement    She has allowed translation to English, with proper credits to her original, of course.   Please visit her website at Babou Bricole

To create the flower magnets, first tint some cold porcelain dough the flower color of your choice.   Shape into 5 or 6 balls of equal size.   Size of balls depends on size of your magnet.  Make them large enough to make a circle of petals as shown in above photo.

With the modeling tool, mark an indentation in the middle of each ball, flattening each ball into a petal as you make indentation using photo below as an example.  Mold a yellow ball of slightly smaller size and place it in the heart of the flower.   There you have it!   A cute little flower magnet!    Make a whole bunch of these in lots of colors for your own flower garden on a magnet board...or on refrigerator!

Spotlight on CP artist Guilherme Pires

Guilherme Pires is a clay artist from Brazil who creates the cutest clown figures and other clever characters.  Making his own cold porcelain and using some simple tools, wire, foam and a lot of imagination, he comes up with some very unique art dolls he calls 'guibonecos'.    Some have very sweet faces, some are funny and some are quite strange.  LOL   Visit his blog at http://guibonecos.blogspot.com.

In the following 3 videos, he shares with us how it's done.    Quite the production line he has going in these videos! *sigh*   He accomplishes so much in one day!!

In the first video, he makes the cold porcelain and takes it into his modeling room where he creates a series of heads and models the arms, hands and big feet for his clowns.

In the second video, he assembles all the pieces with wire and foam and paints the adorable clown faces.

The last video shows his creative costuming, wigging and finishing.

Part One

Part 2

Part 3