Step-by-Step: How to Paint Eyes

This is a companion tutorial to yesterday's video series showing how to create a Jester Clown with cold porcelain.   In today's video, Marisol Romero shows us how to paint eyes (using acrylics).    The clown's eyes are shown in the demonstration, but, of course, this could be eyes for any cute clay figure!  She makes it look very easy!  ;-)


Make this Cute Jester Clown

Excellent 4-part video demo from Marisol Romero, showing us, step-by step, how to make a cold porcelain clown figure.   Very cute face and colorful jester costume!   Marisol is speaking in Spanish in the video, however, if you don't understand what she is saying, I can tell you that the photography is very well done and every step is clearly shown.   Not much need for words!  ;-)

You'll note that she lets some parts of the figure dry separately...such as the hands and the head.   This makes them easier to handle when assembling figure.   Prevents squishing the uncured clay parts!!   This is the 'secret trick' for working with the softer clays. ;-)  White glue is used where needed to attach new clay to cured clay and in other places where there may be a weak join.

Part One | Body & Legs

Part Two | Head & Face

Part Three | Adding Feet, Arms, Hands

Part Four | Hair, Hat & Finishing Touches


Cute Moose Pencil Topper

Decorate a pencil with a moose demo....cute!

Note: Video ends without showing how she painted eyes on the moose. Many cold porcelain figures use pre-painted eye decals....which is a simple answer! Eyes can also be made with a black bead, a simple black dot or a series of different sized dots to make eyeball, iris and pupil.


How to Make a Cute CP Doll Jar Topper

This video demonstration from Marizete Souza shows us how to create cute doll figures as jar toppers.   They'd make cute shelf sitters too!


Make This Cute Twitter Bird

OK, it's not exactly a "cold porcelain" tutorial, but I thought it was so cute I just had to share.   This little blue "Twitter Bird" is made from polymer clay.  The how-to steps shown in the video would be the exact same steps you'd use to make this cute blue bird out of cold porcelain or any air-dry clay....just don't need to bake it!  ;-)   Enjoy!


How to Make a Cute Minnie Mouse Ornament with Cold Porcelain

The lady (name unknown) in this 2-part video tutorial shows us how easy it is to make a Minnie Mouse keepsake ornament with cold porcelain. Mickey Mouse could be made the same way...but of course, he would not want a bow! ;-)

Each step in the process is clearly shown, so, if you don't understand her language, you should still be able to easily follow along.

Part 1

Part 2


Make this Cute and Easy CP Teddy Bear

Video demo showing you how to make this cute standing teddy bear using cold porcelain.   This is a good project for beginners.   This easy modeling would also be appropriate for those very soft air-dry clays that won't hold a lot of it's fun!


How to Model a Cute CP Doll Head (Diego Dutra)

Today we have a cold porcelain doll video demonstration by the well known artist, Diego Dutra.  He shows us how he models a cute child's face.  Only the modeling of cold porcelain is shown, not the painting of details.  We'll be posting some face painting tutorials soon.


CP Recipe, Stovetop Method

Today we feature another video demonstration and recipe for making cold porcelain paste at home.  In this video slideshow, Rubina shows us how she prepares cold porcelain on the stovetop!

See a collection of recipes and demos on our "Recipes" page.


Make This Cute CP Round-Face Doll

I just love those cute round-faced, skinny-legged doll figures that are seen on many websites and blogs, usually made of cold porcelain.  The figures are very simple, but with just a few touches here and there, lots of personality can be added.   Here is a video slideshow showing you how to create a seated version of these doll figures, step by step.   My humble attempt at translation of the text is below the video.