Cold Porcelain Petunia

Step-by-step demonstration from Lydia to create some cold porcelain Petunias.   Slideshow instructions are shown in multiple languages, just pause the video when it

A Couple of Cute & Stylized Cats

A cold porcelain tutorial from "Biscuit" magazine and the Brazilian site Artesanatonarede . Translated to English as best as possible.  Two stylized cats hugging a heart and each other!

This is a good beginners project.


Ideas for Coloring Cold Porcelain

The following videos demonstrate a few different ways to color your cold porcelain. The crafters in these videos are using markers, acrylic paints & make-up. You can also use oil paints, paste colorants (some made for cake decorating & some made specially for cold porcelain), pastel chalks and just about anything else that will transfer color!