Make a Skinny Doll Ballerina

Create this cute ballerina skinny doll from cold porcelain following these instructions from Giselle of  Gisarteira Atelier.  Customize the doll to your own preference!  

Step by step instructions (in English) follow the video (which is written in Portuguese).


Modeling a Simple Doll Face

In this video, Christina Albuquerque of Brazil shows us how to model a simple face.  This cute doll head has an easy 'button' nose and the eyes will be painted on after clay dries.  Learn this basic face first and then you can customize with different expressions.

Christina starts with a ball of cold porcelain that is the same size as the Styrofoam ball that will be the head armature. She also shows how to carefully mold the clay around the Styrofoam ball so that you end up with a smooth surface and no trapped air. This is an important skill that must be practiced many times.   Other air-dry clays can be modeled using the same methods as cold porcelain, especially the softer clays.