Modeling a Walking Doll

This short video demonstrates how to make a simple body for a cold porcelain figure.   It also shows how to make some easy shoes and how to create a walking pose.


Head Modeling Demo by Guilherme Pires

Guilherme Pires is a clay artist from Brazil who creates the cutest clown figures and one-of-a-kind character dolls from homemade cold porcelain.  In the following video, Guilherme shows us how he models the head and face of his figures.  First he models a girls face then changes it to a male face.  Next he ages the features and then...watch and see!


How to Wrap a Styrofoam Cone with CP-Method 1

Today we have another demonstration in a series of instructional videos from Marisol Romero about using Styrofoam with cold porcelain.  Many cold porcelain and other air-dry clay projects call for Styrofoam shapes as armatures for modeling figures.   In this video,

How to Wrap a Styrofoam Pear Shape with Cold Porcelain

Many air-dry clay projects call for Styrofoam shapes as armatures for figure modeling. We've featured a few different videos (see Labels "Styrofoam") showing the proper way to wrap a Styrofoam ball with cold porcelain (without getting cracks or trapped air).     In this video, Marisol Romero shows us how to wrap a ball that includes extra cold porcelain at each end....making an oval shape from the round ball.

Pear shapes are often used to form torso of clay figure.  Sometimes we need to model objects as oval or egg shapes. In these cases we use the technique of wrapping round ball and adding an extension.  This technique is also important when modeling a lemon or character faces (with long muzzle), or the body of a duck or a goose or other critters with pear-shaped torsos.

Video narration is in Spanish, but even if you don't understand the language you should be able to follow along. Marisol clearly and carefully shows each step.


How to Wrap a Foam Ball with CP

Large foam sphere used to make this character

We've previously featured many videos from Marisol Romero showing the proper way to wrap Styrofoam shapes with cold porcelain (without getting cracks or trapped air)...but I forgot to include her instructions for the most basic of all shapes used as an armature with many air-dry clays....the Styrofoam ball!