Jorge Rubicce Basic Doll Head Demo

Cold Porcelain figure by Jorge Rubicce

In the following video, master craftsman Jorge Rubicce, shows us his method for modeling the head of his cute cold porcelain figures.   He starts with a Styrofoam ball (for armature) and an equal size ball of cold porcelain to create an egg shaped head.   Notice that he uses his palms to form the cold porcelain and always works toward center.  He also applies hand cream to his hands while smoothing out surface of cold porcelain.


How to Wrap a Styrofoam Cone with CP-Method 2

Wrap a foam cone to use for body of figure

Today we have another demonstration in a series of instructional videos from Marisol Romero about cold porcelain.   Many air-dry clay projects call for Styrofoam shapes as armatures for figure modeling and sometimes, instead of a simple ball, you need a larger, oblong shape or double spheres.   In the following video, Marisol shows how to tape 2 Styrofoam balls together and wrap both with cold porcelain (or other air-dry clay) and
also how to connect 2 loose balls with the cold porcelain.  This technique is useful for modeling bodies of characters, such as bears, snowmen or doll figures.