How to Create the Texture of Wool

Jorge Rubicce imitates wool texture in this cold porcelain video demonstration. He also shows how to create the effect of hair peeking out from under the wool cap. Notice that the head he is working with is fully cured and he uses white glue to attach the additional cold porcelain for the cap.


Sleepy Puppy

Make this cute sleepy puppy with homemade cold porcelain. Materials needed include:

Cold Porcelain (about 1 lb...500 gr)
Polystyrene or Styrofoam spheres No 4 and No 5  (1 for body and 1 for head)
Acrylic or oil paint to pre-tint white clay: Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna
Sculpting tool & clay roller
Vinyl or water-based glue
Eye stickers (or paint the eyes)
Blushing powder  (pastels, scrapbooking powder or make-up)
Black permanent marker for "freckles"
Optional wood base
Acrylic paints for the wood base:  yellow and white
Acrylic paint to tint clay for "quilt buttons":  blue