Make this Cute Jester Clown

Excellent 4-part video demo from Marisol Romero, showing us, step-by step, how to make a cold porcelain clown figure.   Very cute face and colorful jester costume!   Marisol is speaking in Spanish in the video, however, if you don't understand what she is saying, I can tell you that the photography is very well done and every step is clearly shown.   Not much need for words!  ;-)

You'll note that she lets some parts of the figure dry separately...such as the hands and the head.   This makes them easier to handle when assembling figure.   Prevents squishing the uncured clay parts!!   This is the 'secret trick' for working with the softer clays. ;-)  White glue is used where needed to attach new clay to cured clay and in other places where there may be a weak join.

Part One | Body & Legs

Part Two | Head & Face

Part Three | Adding Feet, Arms, Hands

Part Four | Hair, Hat & Finishing Touches


  1. What a cute project! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Glad you like it! I've never been crazy about clowns but love the cheerful colors she's using; makes me want to make one!


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