Make This Cute CP Round-Face Doll

I just love those cute round-faced, skinny-legged doll figures that are seen on many websites and blogs, usually made of cold porcelain.  The figures are very simple, but with just a few touches here and there, lots of personality can be added.   Here is a video slideshow showing you how to create a seated version of these doll figures, step by step.   My humble attempt at translation of the text is below the video.

MUSIC WARNING...The music in this video demo may be considered offensive.     When I realized what it was saying, I was going to remove video completely but decided to leave it and just ask viewer to please TURN OFF VIDEO SOUND CONTROL  before playing video. Just click the speaker icon in video control bar and drag slider to bottom to silence the inappropriate music.

Step by Step Cold Porcelain (CP) Doll  by Belinha,   Atelie Duda Biscuit 

In many frames of slideshow it will say  "assim" or "pronto" ...that is just indicating "Like This" or "Done" or "Finished, Like This"

Make a round ball of flesh-colored CP and shape into a drumstick for body, about 2 inches long.  Let dry.

Make a snake of CP for each leg, about 2 to 2.5 inches long.

Use fingers to shape the ankle and foot into a small rounded shape, slightly bent at ankle.
Glue legs onto body.
Let body and legs dry a little before glueing and assembling.

Create a small ball of flesh color CP for neck
Poke hole in body to attach neck.  Glue.

Make 2 small balls of yellow CP for shoes (or your color choice).
Flatten ball and wrap around foot as shown in video.  Use glue where needed.

Make a slim snake of yellow CP, flatten it and wrap around shoe. See finished photo.

Tint some pink CP or color of choice and make a ball of CP for skirt.
Flatten CP with roller (not too thin) so it measures 4 to 4.5 inches in length.
Create ripples along one edge of skirt as shown in video.
Wrap skirt around body.   Glue.

Make a small roll of white CP for belt.   Flatten and wrap around body at top of skirt.

Make another pink ball (or your color) for top of outfit.   Roll into a log about 3 inches long and flatten.
Roll a skinny snake, flatten it to make a stripe accent for pink band.   Attach to pink band.
Wrap this band around top of body.   Blend edges and glue where needed.

Make a couple balls of flesh color for arms.   Roll each into a log.
Use fingers to pinch a wrist and flatten the end of each log to form mitten shaped hands.
Use knife tool to cut an "L" out of each hand shape to form thumb.  (see video)
Attach arms at shoulders with glue.

Use a push mold for flowers and make 3 little yellow flowers.  One for belt "buckle" and 2 for hair barrettes.   Set aside.  Attach to doll with glue when dry.

Use a Styrofoam ball for head.   Make a ball of flesh colored CP about the same size as the foam ball.
Flatten the ball of CP into a circle (not too thin) and wrap it around the foam ball.
Cover the foam ball completely, smoothing all seams.   Make the entire round head as smooth as possible.

Insert a toothpick (with glue on the tip) part way into the head.

Make another ball of CP any color you want for hair.
Flatten into circle and apply to back side of head (glue if needed).   Use knife tool to mark lines and a part in the "hair".  (More hair added later)

Make a big smile by placing black paint along edge of a round cutter, about half way around.
Print this smile onto face by placing cutter appropriately.

Paint the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows with black paint.

Attach head to body by inserting toothpick (with glue) into neck.

Using hair color, roll six long snakes of CP.   These will be for hair curls.
Wrap each long snake of hair color around a stick to make thin curls (as shown in video).
Glue a group of 3 curls to each side of head.

Make 2 small balls of CP in hair color for bangs.   Flatten the balls and use knife tool to mark hair lines.    Glue to head as shown in video.

Finish the face by painting tiny white dots for highlights in the eyes.
Use a  rose colored powder to gently dust cheeks with a blush.

Finish the other details.   Glue a flower "barrette" to top of each bundle of curls.  Glue a flower to belt as a buckle.    Add small balls of flattened white CP as shoe buckles.


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