How to Decoupage on Cold Porcelain

Clown by Jorge Rubicce with decoupaged shirt

Jorge Rubicce demonstrates how to decoupage on cold porcelain.  This technique was used to create the flower-patterned shirt for the scarecrow shown above (and in video).   Video is from South American television show 'Bienvenidas'.

Video dialog is in Spanish.  If you don't understand the language, just mute the video and watch as Jorge carefully shows each step in the process.  I've roughly translated the dialog below.  If you speak Spanish and would like to translate all of Jorge's tips into English to share with everyone, please contact me and I'll publish the transcript here.
  1. The first thing you need to do is find some napkins with a pattern you'd like to transfer to cold porcelain.
  2. Separate each ply of the napkin so you are only using the very thin printed layer.
  3. Roll out a thin sheet of cold porcelain slightly larger than your napkin.
  4. Use hair dryer to warm the cold porcelain so it is flexible.  
  5.  Thin some white glue with water and paint a thin layer of glue all over the sheet of cold porcelain (CP).  
  6. Carefully lay the 1 ply of the napkin on the CP.   Cover that with cellophane (wax paper may work).
  7. Make a pom pom of tissue and use that to rub the cellophane and push any air bubbles out of napkin & CP layers.  Keep rubbing until the printed pattern embeds itself into the CP.  
  8. Carefully remove cellophane layer.  
  9. Use hair dryer again to gently warm the decoupaged sheet of CP to dry the glue.    
  10. Use scissors to trim all edges, including a little bit of CP along with napkin as you cut edge.  This ensures a good seal.   
  11. To create the look of fabric, use modeling tool to roll the cut edge against your finger so it becomes very thin.   Gather that edge as a shirt sleeve or skirt would be gathered and glue to your figure.
 Fast forward to 13:03 to begin Jorge's segment on the show.


  1. even though it was in another language it was awesome to see his creation. thank you for sharing.

  2. do you have a video for making this doll. from start to finish I am very interested this is awesome. I do not speak spanish but i watch what you are doing. how do you make the body. I would love to know how to make this from start to finish. do you have a book I may buy? please contact me thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Regina, There's been no video published yet for making the body but the video for making face is at A push mold is used to create the doll face. It is made and sold by Jorge Rubicce...if you can find a supplier in USA! You can find many doll sculpting tutorials by Jorge Rubicce in the Spanish language 'Porcelana Fria' magazine. You can find a list of doll-making and sculpting books here

  4. Hi Mary, I have a question. Won't the paper be all wrinkled when CP gets dry as CP shrinks.

    1. I've only done it once with paper and once with fabric. Didn't have any wrinkle problems. Make sure to roll it smooth to start with.


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