Make a Skinny Doll Ballerina

Create this cute ballerina skinny doll from cold porcelain following these instructions from Giselle of  Gisarteira Atelier.  Customize the doll to your own preference!  

Step by step instructions (in English) follow the video (which is written in Portuguese).

Materials needed:
  • Pre-tinted cold porcelain (CP) : flesh
  • Pre-tinted cold porcelain (CP) : pink
  • Pre-tinted cold porcelain (CP) : black
  • Styrofoam ball:  Choose size of ball based on the size of the head you want doll to have.  A ball about the length of your palm or fingers should be about same as shown in video.
  • Shish-ka-bob BarBQue skewers
  • Pink ribbon
  • Pink gauze tu-tu material
  • Black beads for eyes
  • Circular cutting tool 
  • Quick drying glue
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Toothpicks

  1. Cut 2 barbeque skewers to about 6 to 7 inches (17cm).  These will be legs.
  2. Cover each stick with flesh-colored CP.  
  3. Roll "legs" between palm and table for a smooth finish & set aside for now
  4. Cover a Styrofoam ball evenly with flesh-colored CP.  (Black hair will be attached to back of head later so flesh color doesn't need to completely cover foam ball.)
  5. Insert toothpick in head for neck strength.
  6. Roll a roundish tube of clay for body about 3 inches (7cm) long.
  7. Form waist by rolling with finger.
  8. Use scissors to snip top section into 3 parts and shape each of those parts into neck and shoulders.
  9. Roll a ball of pink CP into a cylinder about 2" (5cm) long.
  10. Roll another one the same size.   These will be the ballet slippers.   
  11. Indent one end of each slipper using ball-end tool.
  12. Cut 2 strips of pink ribbon about  3 inches (7cm) long and lay ribbon in the indentation made in previous step.
  13. Roll 2 small ovals of flesh colored clay and insert into slippers, holding ribbon in place.
  14. Press each leg created at beginning into the flesh colored part of slippers.  Add glue before inserting if you feel it's needed.
  15. Position each foot/slipper/leg into a ballerina pose.   Smooth clay around ankle of both legs.
  16. Roll a ball of scrap clay and insert each top of legs into ball.   Use scissors to snip open the "hips" of body made in previous steps and insert leg assembly into body.  Smooth clay back down over top of legs.
  17. Roll a flat pink rectangle of clay about 6" (15cm) long.   This will be leotard.  
  18. Cut 3 circles in pink clay, one in center for head and one on each side for armholes.   Place leotard over body and smooth into shape using photo of finished doll as guide.
  19. Cut a small strip of pink gauze 24" (60 cm) long by 6" (15cm) wide.  Fold the 6" section three times.  The width of the skirt will be 2" (5cm).
  20. Apply a line of glue and attach gauze around hips to create tutu, gathering as you go.
  21. Criss-cross shoe ribbon around ankle and legs and glue as shown.
  22. Create a bow and glue to leg at top of ribbon.
  23. Repeat for other leg.
  24. Roll a ball of black clay for hair.   Impress an indentation in center and do some shaping of clay to fit head before applying.
  25. Attach black completely around back of head and shape to form hair. Smooth with palm.
  26. With the ball-end tool, create an indentation at top of head where hair bun will be placed.
  27. Mark a center part in hair with modeling stick.   
  28. Mark lines pointing to top indentation, imitating hair being pulled into bun.
  29. Create 3 tapering snakes of black clay about 5-6" (14cm) long.  Curl all 3 snakes together into roll.
  30. Attach roll onto top of head as hair bun.
  31. For the arms, roll 2 tubes of flesh-color clay approximately 3" (8cm) long.
  32. Use finger to roll and indent wrist and create hands.
  33. For hands, make 4 cuts for fingers and thumb.  Gently model each finger so it is round.
  34. Use finger rolling technique to create elbow crease and gently bend elbow.
  35. Glue and insert arms into body and blend clay at shoulder.  Remember to place in ballet position.
  36. Insert 2 black beads for eyes and attach head to body.   You can use dots of black paint for eyes if preferred.
  37. Dip 3/4 of circle cutter into black paint and use it as a stamp to imprint smiling mouth.
  38. Paint eyelashes & add blush.
  39. Add pink bow to hair bun.
  40. ....and pirouette!
Another doll by Giselle


  1. Love your tutorials!! I apply them to polymer clay as well. Thank you!!! Peg

  2. Thanks Peg! That's a switch, usually it's air-dry clay users adapting polymer clay tutorials! LOL Be sure to substitute something for the Styrofoam....Styrofoam shouldn't be put in the oven.

  3. I love it!!! This make me think I have to try!!!

  4. hi :)

    They are so cute! I am newly trying out cold porcelain.I found that making flowers are not that hard but figurines are tough.Thanks for the tutorials..Gonna be using them :)
    Is it okay if i link them from my blog (absolutely brand new )once i try something out?
    Thanks once again, have a good day :)


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