Make This Cute Easter Bunny

Create a cold porcelain Easter bunny by following this 3-part, step-by-step tutorial from Karin at Artisan Life.

Note: Tutorial is in Portuguese If your browser doesn't automatically translate the page, try Google Translate.

If it will help you with each step, copy my rough translation of the text that is written on the images.

Part 1. Shape the bunny figure

1) Tint the dough in skin color (dye used here but it can be ink or acrylic paint).
2) Make a ball of clay that is slightly larger than the Styrofoam ball
3) Wrap the Styrofoam ball pressing against the clay.
Pay attention that there are no spaces (no air) between the foam and the clay.
With both hands forming clay on the Styrofoam and shape a drumstick.
Remove excess dough (about a finger thickness).
Flatten with your fingers and lightly press on a flat surface.
4) Insert a toothpick (can also be a wire)
5) With a clay tool, mark position of the two eyes.
6) Form 2 balls of the same size and one smaller to form the muzzle.
7) Form 2 balls of fur color and shape 2 drumsticks.
8) Mark the paws with clay tool.
9) Do the same for the feet (which will be two drumsticks, but larger).
10) Model a large drumstick shape. This will be the body
11) Glue the head onto the body.
12) Shape a worm of clay and place around neck
13) With a crochet hook, knitting needle or clay tool, blend the joining of neck to the body. Use a little water to help remove the seams.
14) Make 2 white balls for eyes. Insert.
15) Glue the feet to the body. Wait to dry for at least 3 hours.

Part 2. Add clothes and face details

1) Paint the eyes with the dark green fabric pen.
2) Use the pen light green to paint center of eyes.
3) Shape two small rolls of skin-colored dough and form the eyelids.
4) With a little water, attach the eyelid to face. Use the crochet hool or clay tool.
5) While the eyes dry, cut a large circle of white dough for skirt. Cut a small circle in middle.
6) Place the skirt on the doll. Then cut another in smaller diameter.
7) For the top, cut another small circle. Glue to the doll and mark with a clay tool.
8) Form 2 balls and model 2 drumsticks of white.
9) Make a hole with the arrow tool and make some marks with tool.
10) Glue the little sleeve to arm.
11) Glue the arms to doll.  Add pink nose.
12) For hat, cut 3 circles of different diameters. Decorate edge. Add puffy white top to hat.
13) Use extruder to model some hat trim to finish.

Let it dry for a day or two.

Part 3. Painting the dress

1) Paint pink dots on dress.
2) Paint dark pink dot adjacent.
3) With light green paint little leaves.
4) Drybrush with brown ink or paint.  Remove most of paint from brush.
5) Shade the contours of the doll.
6) Drybrush the dress and hat with wine ink.
7) Complete with makeup and ribbon

You may also use chalks to do drybrush shading of the figure.

Say, you know what?  This bunny has no ears!  I guess they're tucked up under the hat... but I think I'll make mine like a lop-eared bunny, with long ears hanging down! 

Have fun!


  1. Where can I buy the balls they are putting inside the clay? Thank you!

  2. Hi Melissa, You should be able to find Styrofoam balls in all sizes at just about any craft store. Floral supply stores also carry them. Michaels Crafts has the foam balls in the floral dept. Amazon also carries them if you like to shop online.


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