How to Make an Elf Pendant

Today we have another excellent 3-part video demo from Marisol Romero, showing us, step-by step, how to make a friendly Elf pendant (or shelf sitter), using cold porcelain. Marisol is speaking Spanish in these 3 videos but, even if you don't understand what she is saying, you should be able to follow along easily. Every step is clearly shown.


  1. I enjoyed watching your videos very much. I love the little elf. you made it look so simple. your clay stays together so well. I do not speak spanish but watching your video i learned alot. I just wish I could get my clay from not cracking when im trying to make something. I after kneading it wrapped very well and refrigerated it for 24 hrs. I will try to make a new batch without refrgerating it. your clay held up so well while you created your piece. thank you so so much awesome videos. regina

  2. Thanks Regina and thank you for thinking I am the one making the cute creation in the video, but it is Marisol Romero, not me. I'm told that some people's hands are so warm that it can cause clay to dry & crack while working with it. That may be the cause or your CP recipe is just a little too dry. Try adding a lot of hand cream to your hands while modeling and see if that helps! ;-) Mary


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