Cute Critter Tutorial ~ Bluebird

Finishing our week of creating cute and uncomplicated critters with a step-by-step bluebird photo tutorial from  "Treehouse Cakes".   Pre-tint some cold porcelain a 'bluebird' blue and a small amount of golden yellow.

Start with a blue teardrop shape large enough for the body, a ball for the head and 2 teardrop shapes that will become wings.  With golden-yellow clay, shape 3 balls into beak and feet.

Use ball tool to indent large blue teardrop to shape a tail as shown.  Attach head.  Use a piece of toothpick between head and body for strength.  Moisten joined area with a little water or dab of white glue.  Attach wings to each side.  If clay won't stick to itself by moistening with a little water, use a dab of glue.

Attach beak and feet.  Add 2 back beads (or balls of black clay) for eyes.  Use needle tool to poke 2 nostrils in beak and to draw 'feather' lines in tail and wings.  Also draw 2 tiny eyebrows and poke a few dots in each cheek.  Lastly, shape a few topknot feathers and glue to top of head or use needle tool to push topknot into head.



  1. Awww the blue bird is so adorable!!

  2. Awww the blue bird is so adorable!!


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