Roses by Rubicce

In the following video, the famous clay artist Jorge Rubicce shows us his methods for creating realistic roses using cold porcelain. If you don't understand the language, just mute the video and follow along visually as he demonstrates each step for building a rose.
Jorge doesn't show us how he colored the pink tips of the rose petals in this particular video, but in the Azalea demonstration he is shown using Petal Dust or a similar product to add pink accents to the flower.  'Petal Dust' is a cake dusting powder with a matte finish that is usually applied to fondant and gumpaste flowers and is often also used with cold porcelain.


I've been asked about the ball-ended tool that Jorge is using in video.   That tool is readily available in USA but is usually found with the fondant and gumpaste supplies rather than clay tools.  These tools have been primarily used by professional bakers, so they are often expensive.  However, because air-dry clay is becoming more and more popular in USA and making flowers is among the favorite things to do with air-dry clay, we are finally beginning to see some lower-cost flower-making tools being made available especially for clay.

Here's a few examples of what's available right now at Amazon for making flowers (gumpaste or air-dry clay).  The first two tool sets shown include a ball-ended tool.  These are plastic, rather than stainless steel, which makes them inexpensive.



  1. Beautiful! Wish he had showed how to get such a realistic look of the color. And the ball roller for smoothing the edges. I have never seen one of these. Anyone know where you can buy it in the USA

  2. I also would have loved to see how he tinted the rose. It would be great to see different ways of coloring, tinting or painting flowers without just coloring the clay. I really enjoyed this video.

  3. Hi Barb and Leslie, The flower petals are usually tinted with a powder colorant that can be dusted on with a brush, such as Petal Dust, Decorating Chalk or powdered makeup. I added another video today where Jorge demonstrates Azaleas and also shows how he dusted the petals with color. I also added some information to above content about the ball-ended crafting tool. Jorge does beautiful work and I definitely will be looking for more flower tutorials from him!

  4. Thank you Mary for the info on the ball tool. I primarily work in polymer clay, but love all your tutorials and information. I find it very helpful.

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    1. I don't know what happened wasn't private before. This video is a clip from a TV show called 'Bienvenidas'. Some of their other videos have suddenly gone 'private' but not all. It could be a glitch that will resolve itself soon.


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