Step by Step: Skinny Doll with Pink Dress

Art instructor Evelyn Fonseca shows us how to dress a "skinny doll", step by step. Evelyn is from Brazil and narration is in Portuguese. If you don't understand the language, just mute the video and follow along as she demonstrates each step.   The "Fox" clay used in demo is a commercial cold porcelain. You'll also need a Styrofoam ball for the head, a
couple of skinny dowels for the legs and some yarn or other material for the hair (or use CP).  The colorless glue she is using looks like it's a water-based glue, but white glue will work also (ie, Elmers or Aleenes).

Preparing the doll head & body is not shown in this video.  She starts with a body that has air-dried and cured in advance.  It's a very simple shape and you should be able to create one by looking at the undressed doll shown at very beginning of video.  First, smoothly cover a Styrofoam ball with flesh-colored clay for a perfectly round head.  Impress the mouth into face with a circle cutter and insert a short dowel for neck.  There is no nose.  Paint on the eyes after head is cured.  For the body, form a small block of clay for the torso and insert the 2 dowels for legs.  Attach the head with glue.  Let dry before proceeding.  View a demonstration of a similar doll head and torso in this other tutorial.

FYI, "passo a passo" which is written on her apron means "step by step".  It's the name of their program.  


  1. Hi...
    What a lovely tutorial....I do have small doubt why cant we make the head too with clay?

    1. There is 2 reasons: weight and to save materials.
      *Weight: because the styrofoam helps to make the piece lighter.. In this case, if you make the head only with clay the head will be too heavy.

      *Materials: The styrofoam can be used too when you need to make a bigger piece that requires too much clay, so it helps you to save the quantity of clay used.

  2. Hi Vishku, The head IS made with cold porcelain. This particular tutorial starts with a finished head and focuses on making the body. There's many other tutorials showing how to make a similar head, such as this "round-face doll" video.

  3. Hi Mary,

    Can you help with something? The link to the Dalmatian tutorial doesn't work, can you help???

    1. It's been fixed for a long time, please let me know if you found a bad link somewhere else.

  4. Hello Mary... I have to thak you for this wonderful blog ... I was a frustrated artist till I chanced upon your blog last year.I am in India..and there is absolutely no books available here.. but I started making Cold porcelain mainly from all the info that was available on YOUR blog. Now I have a couple of books I bought online and I borrow ideas from other similar crafts. But your blog is an inspiration and I keep returning to it. I hope you never stop blogging.

    Thanks again..

    Best regards...

  5. Such a cute tutorial, thanks for sharing! :)


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