Make a Little CP Angel

Make a cute angel figurine following instructions found in Porcelana Fria (a Spanish language magazine) and translated here to English as best as I can! ;-)

Materials needed:
Cold Porcelain (white, flesh, pink or blue, hair color)
White glue
Styrofoam sphere for head
Clay tools
Paints & brush for face
Eye stickers (optional)
Round toothpicks for adding strength at joints


Step 1: For the head, wrap Styrofoam ball in cold porcelain (skintone).

Step 2: Shape the face with rounded cheeks, eyes and nose indentations.

Step 3: Use clay tool to open his mouth.  Push up lips and mark the corner dimples.  (see this tutorial for shaping face with more detailed steps.)

Step 4: Form 2 ears from CP.  Indent center with clay tool.

Step 5: Glue the ears to side of head.  Set aside to dry a while.

Step 6: Form teardrop shape from CP for shoes in color of your choice.  Flatten one end to form heel.  Set aside to dry a while.

Step 7: For halo: Create a loop from long worm of CP.  Set aside to dry a while.

Step 8: Model 2 hands from flesh-colored CP, flatten, cut the thumb and fingers. Smooth cuts, shape fingers and bend into natural position. Set aside to dry a while.

Step 9: Form two white rolls of CP into wings, flattened. Use modeling tool to mark feathers.  Set aside to dry a while.

Step 10: Form two rolls arms/sleeves with white CP.  Make a drumstick shape with one pointed end. Enlarge and indent other end of sleeve to receive hands.

Step 11: Bend sleeves at elbow and mark folds with clay tool.  Set aside to dry a while.

Step 12: For body, create a pear shape of white CP.   Size of torso is in proportion to the head.

Step 13: Flatten torso to form the sitting position of angel.  Bend at waist and form folds in fabric below belly.

Step 14: Enlarge the "skirt" of torso and indent to receive feet/shoes.

Step 15: Apply glue and attach hands to sleeves.  If desired, you can reinforce this attachment by inserting part of a toothpick or wire in wrist & sleeve.

Step 16: Apply glue and attach shoes to bottom of torso.

Step 17: Apply glue and attach arms at shoulder.  If desired, you can reinforce this attachment by inserting part of a toothpick or wire at shoulder.

Step 18: Form the hair of light brown CP (or color of your choice).  Place a flattened ellipse against the neck and press until you reach the forehead and behind the ears. Shape the hair using photo as a guide.

Step 19:  Glue the halo to back of head.    Reinforce this attachment by inserting part of a toothpick or wire in head that fits a hole made in halo.

Step 20: Glue the head to body with head turned to one side.  Reinforce this attachment by inserting part of a toothpick or wire between head and body.

Apply the eye stickers or paint the eyes.
With black marker, draw the eyebrows and eyelashes. 
Blush cheeks and lips with pink powder.   (chalk, dust colorant, or facial blush)

Step 21: Highlight & accent the hair with a brown powder.

Step 22: Glue on the wings.  This is another good spot for adding reinforcement.   Drill small holes in back of body and in wings to insert half of a round toothpick or a piece of wire and glue.

Step 23: Another view of wings and halo.

Step 24: Another view showing arms in place on the sitting angel.

...and you're done!


  1. thank you so much!

  2. this is a little tough for me but i will definitely try and thankssssssssssssssssssss alot

  3. Such amazing work! Can you tell me where i can purchase the eye stickers from?

  4. Is there any chance you could let me know where i could purchase the eye stickers as you can not get them in Australia? I have been searching for these for about 6 months now without any success. My email is if you could help me at all?


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