Ideas for Coloring Cold Porcelain

The following videos demonstrate a few different ways to color your cold porcelain. The crafters in these videos are using markers, acrylic paints & make-up. You can also use oil paints, paste colorants (some made for cake decorating & some made specially for cold porcelain), pastel chalks and just about anything else that will transfer color!

If you do not color your cold porcelain paste at all, it will dry a translucent off-white. If you want a white-white, you'll need to add a whitener to the recipe or color the paste white.   Making your cold porcelain white from the beginning (by adding whitener to recipe) will also make any colors you add later brighter and cleaner looking.    The whitener I use is Wilton White-White ...popular as an icing color for cake decorating and readily available in my area.


  1. Very informative, good information to know. thank you

  2. Just a quick question - how do you add whitener to the clay recipe? I mean, how much, which brand/type etc... Can you use acrylic paint to do this or do you need a special product?

    Thanks for your help, I love this site by the way. I'm trying to get into charm making, but I'm finding that working with cold porcelain there's a bit of a learning curve to overcome! The info you've put up is really helpful, so thanks.

    bonita of Depict This!

  3. Hi Bonita, Most recipes call for a tablespoon of whitener, but that could vary with size of mixture you're making and what you're using. Cold porcelain is translucent when dried and, although a whitener is not absolutely necessary, it is often added to get a brighter, opaque white color when dried. It's not necessary to use it if you are pre-tinting the mix another color, except some colors will be brighter if initial recipe includes a whitener. Some experimenting on your part will be needed. I use Wilton White-White cake colorant but I don't see any reason why white acrylic wouldn't work as well.


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