How to Wrap a Foam Ball with CP

Large foam sphere used to make this character

We've previously featured many videos from Marisol Romero showing the proper way to wrap Styrofoam shapes with cold porcelain (without getting cracks or trapped air)...but I forgot to include her instructions for the most basic of all shapes used as an armature with many air-dry clays....the Styrofoam ball!

The following three videos from Marisol Romero demonstrate her methods for properly wrapping Styrofoam balls with cold porcelain. Marisol says:   It is very important, to practice and master these techniques, since the use of Styrofoam spheres makes the work much easier when creating the characters:

She also says:  You should place your hands differently depending on size of ball being wrapped.   Use palm of hand, not fingers and not tabletop to roll CP around ball. Make sure any trapped air is removed before closing up. If you do get a bubble, use a pin to pop and release air. Seal hole back up by smoothing CP.  

Small foam spheres used here
All Video narration is in Spanish, but even if you don't understand the language you should be able to follow along. Marisol clearly and carefully shows each step.

Medium foam balls used for head and body
Here's another video using MEDIUM-SIZED ball.

A 3rd video with Marisol wrapping a LARGE foam ball.

We've featured many other videos from Marisol showing the proper way to wrap Styrofoam shapes with cold porcelain (without getting cracks or trapped air)...see Labels "Styrofoam" to view those videos. Her videos are very educational for those just getting started with cold porcelain. 

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  1. I really like your tutorials on cold porcelain clay,number one is the fav for me,1question does it need to set for any length of time? Try for sharing


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