Make This Cute Dalmatian

Dalmatian Puppy
This adorable creature can be a great gift or cake topper
Would you like to make the Dalmatian dog shown in the header for Cold Porcelain Cuties?  Simple, basic shapes are used to create this cute puppy with photos every step of the way to show you how.  

Tutorial was translated to English from Porcelana Fria magazine and was written especially for cold porcelain paste. You could also try making the Dalmatian with other types of air-dry clay or make another kind of dog simply by changing the colors used.   Enjoy!

Note:   If you would like to make a slightly simpler dog, see this video demo of a little brown puppy.

 Materials Needed:
  • Cold porcelain paste (CP), commercial or homemade
  •  Styrofoam balls as armature for head and body, Suggested sizes: 2 inch & 2.5 inch or similar (5cm for head, 6cm for body)
  • Vinyl adhesive or white glue
  • Whitener for CP, bleach or white colorant (to whiten body parts or leave natural)
  • Acrylic paints, oil paints or cake decoration coloring (for pre-tinting CP):  Sky blue, Black, Pink, Red and white for eyeball and eye highlight
  • Paintbrush or dot tool
  • Shish kabob stick, popsicle stick or lollipop stick (to reinforce neck/head attachment)
  • Modeling tools:  Clay knife, clay shaper and/or double ball stylus 
Note: Use glue wherever needed when attaching parts.  If clay doesn't stick to itself....glue it!

Step 1. Head

Cover the smaller Styrofoam ball with white clay.. With your fingers, flatten nose area and divide muzzle with clay knife. [see final image] Mark indentations to place the eyes and the nose with a ball-end clay tool or stylus.

Note: If you are using polymer clay for this project, please be warned that you should NEVER put Styrofoam in an oven. Use a tin foil or wooden ball instead of foam ball.

Step 2. Nose & Eyes

Shape a ball of black clay for nose. Pinch it into a soft triangle.[see pattern]

Make 2 teardrop shapes of white clay for base of eyes.
Prepare 2 teardrop shapes of sky blue that is a little smaller than previous (these are for iris) and 2 teardrops of black clay that are even smaller (for pupils). Stack them as shown in the photo. Place the assembled eyes aside for now and let dry.

With black clay, make 2 small rolls for eyebrows and 2 for eyelashes.

Step 3. Ears

Make 2 teardrop shapes of white clay and flatten them for ears.

For inner ear, make 2 teardrops of pink clay that are a little smaller than the ear shapes and flatten them. 

Combine these inner pieces with the ear pieces.

Step 4. Nose placement

Place the nose on the face. Use glue if needed.

Step 5. Ear placement

Position the ears on the head.

Step 6.  Add eyes

Stick the previously created eyes in place. Add the eyebrows and eyelashes. 
Paint eye highlights with dots of white acrylic paint. 

Step 7. Body

Cover the larger Styrofoam ball with abundant clay (white). Continue modeling until a truncated cone shape is obtained. 

Step 8. Front Legs

With more white clay, make 2 rolls that are wide at one end but narrow at the other. Bend the wide end into paws.
Mark the toes and the wrinkles with the sculpting tool (knife tool); smooth the edges. 

Step 9. Back Legs

Prepare 2 short, thick rolls of white clay and flatten them slightly.
Mark the toes and wrinkles with the sculpting tool and smooth edges. 

Step 10. Thighs and Tail

With the same white color, create 2 oval shapes for thighs. Flatten them slightly.
For the tail, make a long thin roll that tapers to point.

Step 11. Assemble Front Legs

Place the front legs on the body. Use glue if necessary.

Step 12. Assemble Hind Legs

Place hind paws next to hips.

Step 13. Finish Hind Legs

Attach the thighs above paws so that puppy is in sitting position.

Step 14. Tail

Place the tail on back of hip.

Step 15. Bow pieces

Prepare a bow using separate pieces of red clay. Two bow shapes plus 1 center and 2 ribbon tails as shown in pattern.

Model a ball of the same red color and flatten it. This will go around neck. 

Step 16. Neck ribbon

Position the circular red piece on top of the body. 

Step 17. Attach Head

Insert a wood stick into body to support head, leaving an inch or so sticking out in center of circular red piece. Be sure to use a kebab stick (or something similar) to assure head will stay in place. Apply a little glue on the stick when inserting it.
Attach the head on top, securing it over stick. 

Step 18. Attach Bow

Assemble the bow pieces on the neck as shown in photo.

Step 19. Finish

To complete, shape several dots (flattened ovals) of black clay and distribute them over the body, simulating the spots on a Dalmatian dog. 


  1. What a great tutorial. I just stumbled on your blog while looking for some information on air-dray clays, and am so excited to find you.


  2. Thanks Diane...glad you stumbled in! *G* Please visit my other blog which is about air-dry clay in general.

  3. Don't wanna bother you, but the link isn't working for me! :c


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