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This blog will be about crafting cute kritters and kids with homemade or purchased cold porcelain paste.  We'll feature cold porcelain recipes and tutorials.   We'll also spotlight artists making some very cute dolls, animals and other cute figures! 

Cold porcelain is extremely popular for sculpting figures and crafting flowers in South America (and a few other countries) but it has only recently made it's way to the USA.   Because of that, most tutorials and other information are in Spanish-language magazines and on Spanish or Portuguese websites.   We're going to do our best to make a great cold porcelain resource for the English-speaking audience.

We'll be focusing on dolls and figures, for the most part.   I know of many websites devoted to clay flowers and I don't want to repeat their efforts....but we'll share some links so you can go take a look!  Let us know what you'd like to see here!

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  1. Hi ....
    Really you r doing a great work and you have been a great inspiration for me to do clay dolls...

    Awaiting for more creations like these....


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