How to Sculpt a Rearing Horse or Unicorn

On his blog Chikim Art, Francisco de Assis shows us how to model this rearing horse using biscuit* (cold porcelain).  Blog is written in Portuguese, however there is no need to translate.  The horse tutorial is shown in step by step text.     Leave off the saddle and bridle....add a horn....and you have a Unicorn!

*"Biscuit" is defined an unglazed form of porcelain or porcelain after the first firing and before glazing (aka "bisque")...but is also the term used in Brazil when describing (unfired) cold porcelain clay.   Many other types of air-dry clay could also be used to create this horse.

Francisco says he's been modeling with biscuit for about 8 years and "the goal of this blog was to show to friends and family my pieces... today is something much broader with tips for beginners in the art of modeling."

This seemingly complicated sculpt begins with simple shapes as shown in the first few steps below.    Give it a try!    


  1. would love to receive pictures of horses in my tutorial inspired to put on my blog, if anyone has done please e-Mende for evil
    Thank you.
    Chikim Lopes

  2. Great idea Chikim, I'll pass on the word!


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